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Horse Spirit Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

Equine-Assisted Learning Clinic


November 3rd -November 8th, 2022 


Gaia Gathering is taking a group of equine enthusiasts to Costa Rica to swim with horses and learn equine trust and program development through experiential immersion.

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Horse Spirit Healing

Cabuya Beach, Cobano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Learn happy horse stewardship and what compassionate partnership and leadership look like. Experience the innate healing gifts of horses and how to create safe space in herd immersion. Understand herd dynamics and awareness building in the present moment of now. 

About Letitia Watson

Letitia Watson is a 30-year equestrian professional and the visionary and keeper of the Horse Spirit Healing mission to: “create a meaningful and joyful connection between horses and humans”.

Letitia credits her horses for guiding her life path of learning and teaching Compassionate Horsemanship to those who are drawn to connecting with horses in a profound and meaningful way. She sees herself as their co-facilitator and assistant they as the masters, she is their student.

Free Liberty

When horses join US in Free Liberty, we know they are choosing to BE with us. This is powerful, it means we are in a truly reciprocal relationship of free choice. And we are honored by their desire to give and connect so authentically with us.

Intuitive Movement

The EquiEnergy, EquiTouch & Intuitive Movement experiences are about BEing in the moment of Now with the horse. As we quiet the mind and tune into the love and peace energy of the horse, we connect intuitively and authentically, physically and energetically.  As our hearts are touched,  we activate our inner awareness of our bodies and emotions.

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Compassionate Horsemanship

Compassionate Horsemanship (CH) is understanding the natural and universal ways that horses communicate, intake information, understand, and react. It's an understanding of their natural individual and herd dynamics and how they interact and live in the natural world together as a herd. 


Three Relationships of a Horse

Free Liberty, Leadership and Stewardship are three specific relationships with horse; a truly reciprocal relationship involves all three.

EquiEnergy EquiTouch

EquiEnergy is an experience of acknowledging horses innate healing gifts and being open to receiving these abilities and impacts. It is one thing to believe and it is another to intentionally Ask to Receive the love horses desire to share.

EquiTouch is an experience of giving back to horses in gratitude and appreciation for all that they so generously give and do for us.  Our Intention shifts from Receiving to Giving, creating a Reciprocal Relationship. 


Equine-Assisted Learning Clinic


November 3rd -November 8th, 2022 

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