Upcoming Events

Temazcal Intensive

Learn to facilitate the sacred sweat lodge in the Mayan tradition

April 6th, 2022 through April 12th, 2022,

Nightly at 5 pm


We are offering a Temazcal Intensive at our Minden, Nevada facility for anyone who wants to learn how to facilitate the sacred ceremony, or simply immerse themselves in the "medicine" of the temazcal. Two experienced practitioners from Mexico are coming to teach our community how to facilitate a temazcal (sweat lodge/inipi ) in the ancient Mayan tradition. 


This Intensive Is Right For You If:

* You want to facilitate your own Temescal

* You want to add another healing modality to your toolbox

* You want to immerse yourself in the ancient tradition

* You want to help spread this medicine for healing

* You want to offer your facilitation services at other retreats and higher consciousness events


Facilitator Roles

There are two roles required in facilitating a temazcal.


First is the role of the facilitator who remains inside and conducts the ceremony


Second is the role of fire-keeper, who tends to the hot lava rocks and brings them to the facilitator through a blanketed doorway in the dome.


Both of these roles are sacred and deeply spiritual. You will know if you have the calling to learn either, and/or both of these roles.


* You can wear whatever you want in the lodge. Some people prefer to wear bathing suits and others prefer cotton shorts or summer dresses

* You can leave at any time to take a break outside if you get too hot

* You can bring water, rattles and sing if you feel the calling

* You will be supported in a loving container that is sacred, supportive, and healing



Please Venmo $300.00 to reserve your spot

​Due to limited space in the lodge, we only have 10 spots available.



This Temazcal Intensive is being offered over 7 consecutive evenings and is held in Minden, Nevada, at Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas every evening 

April 6th, 2022 through April 12th, 2022,

starting at 5 pm.