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About The Facilitators



HaYuama has walked with Elders and supported Indigenous Communities from all over the world. In 2012 she began her journey of healing and self-discovery and learned how to acces her inner vision and create change through shamanic journeying. HaYuama went on to travel and work mainly with Mexican, North American, Peruvian and Colombian Shamans, and is now able to weave together traditional knowledge with modern approaches to personal growth. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of healing and expansion with others through different practices, mainly the Temazcal Ceremonies.


Selva Neule


Selva Neule has been on a medicine journey since 2015, working with different tribes from Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Her main work is the medicine of Kambo, Biomagnetism, Energy and Bodywork, and the work with the 4 Elements. She is a student of Abuela Ursula Ketzalocelotl, the tradition of the Mezikah, Dance of the Moon, elementary work, and temazcal. She has live in the jungle of the Mayan Rivera since 2018.

HaYuama will be running the Intensive and Selva Neule will be assisting HaYuama.

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