About Gaia Gathering

Gaia Gathering Inc. provides educational resources, lessons and training for everyday people who want to contribute to change but need a platform to learn, share ideas and share information.


Gaia Gathering helps those who want to heal horses, heal humans and heal the earth, like improving equine welfare through their care and training, providing sanctuary to horses that cannot fit into the status quo of traditional equine management and training, educate those who want to use renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gases, change the status quo of our medical system, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and other infrastructure.


Gaia Gathering brings everyday people together to learn how they can contribute through knowledge and self-empowerment.

Partnerships for Equine Learning

Gaia Gathering Inc. has partnered with Starr Horse Retreats and Arena's to provide a facility for equine assisted learning and therapy, as well as events for various healing modalities and gatherings.

There are a handful of sanctuary horses here available to share their wisdom with participants. The equines live as naturally as possible in a herd. Our herd consists of two small ponies (Jasper and Bonnie), one donkey (Rosie), one mule (Seven), two off the track thoroughbreds (Zeus and Galaxy), a 3 year old grade gelding (River), and a two year old grade filly (Feather).

About Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas

Our mission is to provide a safe space for equine assisted therapy and learning utilizing higher consciousness healing modalities and positive reinforcement (R+) ridership techniques.

At SHRA we offer unique healing modalities to illustrate parallel issues of trust, forgiveness, and threshold limits between participants and horses.


Through various exercises we explore behavioral, psychological, and emotional intelligence skills for mindful decision making and past grief healing. Some of our unique modalities include sound healing and guided meditations in the barn, equine theater and movement in the arenas, barnyard yoga, animal Reiki and massage, and positive reinforcement ridership training workshops and clinics.


Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas is a 30 acre facility with multiple round pens, multiple arenas and 10 acres of obstacle course and on-property trails.

About Haven Horsemanship

Gaia and SHRA are partnering with Haven Horsemanship, an equine education company specializing in natural horse care, holistic horsemanship and positive reinforcement focused training.


Together they will provide educational opportunities for the equine community to improve equine welfare and to provide sanctuary for horses unable to find a suitable home due to their health and/or learning history.